Google Glass gone in a blink

This promotional image from Google Glass is found on the product purchase page.

This promotional image from Google Glass is found on the product purchase page.

I’ve missed my opportunity to buy a Google Glass device – at least in beta form.

Google Glass announced last week that it would suspend its sale today (Jan. 19) of the wearable technology, which sold for $1,500 per device.

The forward-looking gadget was widely criticized and joked about for its clunkiness, its cost and the way it was released to the public. But all of that aside, I wish I had a taken the chance to experiment with it.

Some participants in the company’s Glass Explorer program showed how the eyewear’s headset and screen – worn like glasses – allowed them to capture scenes and images through voice commands. The hands-free device gave them the freedom to record what they were seeing without stopping to take notes or fumbling with a camera to grab the perfect shot.

The ability to observe, listen and take notes simultaneously is the talent of a good journalist. Such a recording device would likely enhance a reporter’s chances of not just telling a great story, but showing the impact.

I liked the idea that Google was allowing users to help the company develop the product through this early rollout. There were bound to be bugs. But then, I am unafraid of exploring new ground and possibly hitting a few roadblocks. It’s all in the spirit of innovation.

I missed my chance this time around. But I will be looking forward to the next generation of Google Glass when it comes out sometime next year.

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