Searching for diversity on Paper app

I am digging the functionality of Facebook’s new Paper app, but I am struggling with finding stories on Native Americans and people of color.

I had hoped that since the Paper app uses content from publications, bloggers and average people who post to Facebook, that it might have more opportunities to aggregate stories from a diversity of sources. It’s too early to assess a thumbs-down on that score.

I figured I might have luck finding stories on the Indian mascot issue, which trended high on Twitter on Saturday night. However, I found only two references to it out of the 263 headlines I scanned under the “Sports” headlines. They were both from Friday, Jan. 31, and they were both about a press conference by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

The story about the Washington, D.C. football team appeared in the Washington Post’s “The Insider.” It did not quote anyone who opposed the team’s nickname, although it included information about the opposition. It focused on Goodell’s position that the football team has “honored” Native Americans with the use of its nickname and “cited polling results indicating that most people do not believe the name should be changed.”

Sportswriter Mike Tanier of Sports on Earth also wrote about Goodell’s news conference and mentioned the reference to the poll. Tanier’s commentary on it was:

“Apparently the NFL built a time machine and conducted its survey on the set of Bonanza.”

Missing (as far as I could tell) from the Paper app’s stories was one from Think Progress, which was published last week and has a thorough background on the mascot issue. Click here to read it.

I will keep looking for more diversity on the Paper app and will report back in a future blog post.

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