Native women in STEM are inspiring

Kimberlee Mahung, Navajo. See a video of her below.

Kimberlee Mahung, Navajo, has been a NASA intern for two summers in Huntsville, Ala., working in the area of robotics and additive manufacturing. See a video of her below.

A Navajo college student interning at a NASA research site and a Little River Ottawa graduate student analyzing eye movement data in advertising were just two aspiring women I met at the recent conference of the American Indian Science & Engineering Society.

AISES, since 1977, has worked to increase the number of Native people entering the fields of STEM, the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Breanna Knudsen, Little River Ottawa. See a video of her below.

Breanna Knudsen, Little River Ottawa, is part of a team that is studying eye movements to gauge the effectiveness of advertisements. See a video of her below.

I am fortunate to serve on the board of AISES Publishing, Inc., which oversees Winds of Change magazine. As I prepare for an API board meeting on Friday, I am sharing two short videos of the young women I met who explained their research to me.

They are inspiring. They, along with many other AISES members I have met, are my motivation for serving on the API Board.


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